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The uncertainty of the career decision process may generate anxiety. By formulating concrete strategies, let’s transform this anxiety into life satisfaction and happiness.

Hangi bölüm ve mesleklerde mutlu ve başarılı olabilirler?

Gençler kendilerini ne kadar tanıyorlar, yaşam dinamikleriyle ilgili farkındalık düzeyleri nedir?

Kendi geleceklerinin sorumluluğunu ne kadar alıyorlar?Yaptıkları planlar ne kadar gerçekçi?

Kariyer planlama sürecine hazırlar mı? Hazır olmak için ne yapacaklarını biliyorlar mı?

İlgileri, kişisel nitelikleri, değerleri, karar verme dinamikleri üzerine gerçekçi bilgiye sahipler mi?

Kariyer ve meslek seçim sürecini yönetebilecek donanımları var mı?

Bu sorular üzerine çok düşündük ve bireylerin zeka ve kişilikten bağımsız, beceri ve çaba ile kendilerini ve geleceklerini tasarlama gücüne sahip oldukları inancıyla CAPS’i geliştirdik…

 A scientific, holistic, and systematic approach to Career Assessment and Planning Process for high school students…

  • It is not a TEST providing a single option. Rather, a scientific and holistic system thoroughly examining the details and showing the big picture.
  • It is a system which supports high school students in having a clearer mind and conscience as they are deciding their future career and occupational choice.
  • It provides detailed information about undergraduate programmes, professions and their requirements.
  • It enhances cognitive and emotional awareness amongst young individuals and their families by highlighting the critical aspects to consider in career decision and planning.
  • It saves time and money by its modular and flexible structure.
  • It supports young people in making realistic plans with regards to their career in which they will spend 80.000 hours.
  • It focuses on the process, not the end result.
  • It does not guide young people to a single profession, rather it provides large range of alternatives.
  • It avoids definite labels such as RIGHT, WRONG, GOOD, and BAD and does not make judgements about young people and assign them personality types.

Helpful answers to questions around choice of university, department and profession:

TurQuest Career and Profession Report focuses on young people’s interests and links them to specific career areas. Interests are identified by an online questionnaire after which young people receive an English report with the most suitable career areas, their requirements, supporting areas, comments, and cautionary notes.

  • Thinks honestly about the interests.
  • Examines the career areas matching with interests.
  • Examines the overall match to the listed career areas.
  • Names the factors which may enhance success in the listed career areas.
  • Realistically evaluates himself/herself by the self-check test.
  • Identifies their strengths and points for improvement.
  • Considers the relationship between suitable career areas, sectors and sectoral structuring.
  • Plans his/her undergraduate and graduate education by considering career areas from a multidisciplinary point of view.
  • Addresses the suitability of career areas by focusing on life and career values.
  • Initiates a conversation with his/her parents during the career planning process.

Learning about the strengths and weaknesses of aptitudes helps guide the career choice!

Cambridge Profile identifies aptitudes in seven areas; spatial (2D-3D), verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning, working quickly and accurately, and arithmetic calculation. If purchased with TurQuest, the aptitude test results are integrated with the TurQuest report.

  • Helps to indentify the intersected interests and aptitudes.
  • Provides a comparison between the interests listed in the TurQuest report and aptitudes.
  • Helps to realise the importance of aptitudes on career planning.
  • Evaluates strengths and areas to improve with the parents and generates his/her action plan.
  • Supports awareness on personal skills.

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