Director’s Message

Dear Head Teachers and Teachers,

  • Do your students really explore the career areas which suit them?
  • Do they have clear and realistic knowledge about their own decision making dynamics, the skills  required of various occupations, and the concept of career maturity?
  • Do they know the impact of instincts, needs, emotions, beliefs, and values on the career decision?
  • Are they fully equipped to manage the career and occupational choice process?

In order to answer these questions effectively, we considered the dynamics that exist between the student’s, school’s, teacher’s, and parent’s needs and developed CAPS: Career Assessment and Planning System.

Our aim is to support students’ academic, career, and social-emotional development through reliable scientific inventories and activities. 

We developed our online inventories, fast reporting system, programmes for teachers and classroom application to be in line with the new secondary education career curriculum. 

If you would like to build your students’ understanding of the small yet important details within the wider picture, nurture their self-understanding, help them acquire the knowledge and skills they need to manage their careers and nurture clarity of mind, it would be our pleasure to meet you. 

Warmest regards,

Püren Savaş Gedikoğlu



Meet the Team


Püren Savaş Gedikoğlu, BAEd MBA
Management and Educational Consultant

In light of the paradigm shift in Education, as well as the current needs of students and teachers, we developed CAPS Career Assessment and Planning System in a scientific, wholistic and systematic manner.


Bilgesu Başkurt, MSc.
Psychological Counselor

My aim is to empower students by highlighting the importance of self-understanding and realistic goal-setting in facilitating happiness and success.



Our Philosophy at PSG Education and Career, founded in 1989, is as follows; we each have to use our potential by increasing our awareness and taking responsibility for our existence.

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise responsible, mindful, analytical, cooperative, and creative young people who have the ability to unlock their unique potential for their own benefit and that of others.

Our Vision

Our vision is to expand CAPS globally, in order to guide as many young people as possible towards their full potential.

Our Aims

  • To make a difference to how the careers process is approached by individuals and schools
  • To support the young people’s growth
  • To raise awareness in schools, teachers, parents, guardians, and young people regarding the career process

Our Values

  • Honesty and Sincerity
  • Responsibility
  • Courage
  • Love and Respect
  • Commitment
  • Creativity


The Skills We Prioritise 

  • Mindfulness
  • Cooperation
  • Critical and Analytical Thinking
  • Resilience


The Concepts We Embody

  • The reflection of values in our behaviour
  • The practical application of decision making
  • The relationship between emotions, thoughts, attitudes, and behaviour
  • The differences and relationships between instincts, needs, beliefs, emotions, values, and skills