Aims of the Workshop: 

The most comprehensive and personal growth centered workshop includes all of the CAPS modules. Different factors affecting the career/occupation decision are considered holistically and systematically. Students evaluate the career areas identified in the TurQuest Inventory by focusing on themselves and their inner dynamics. They learn the functioning of teenage brain and its relationship with beliefs, emotions, attitudes, thoughts and behaviors and also its influence on the career decision. They work on how to transfer the abstract concepts to concrete strategies and behaviours. They link concern with job satisfaction and planning, confidence with cooperation and responsibility, curiosity with asking questions, and consultation with communication. They also realise the fact that existential questions such as “Who am I, what do I plan to be, what do I expect from life?” will have answers through the career areas they will pursue and spend approximately 80.000 hours.

Workshop Outcomes: 

  • They examine the internal and external factors influencing the career decision by learning to focus on the small details in big picture. They distinguish between the factors they can control and hence need to make a great effort (developing skills, academic success etc.), factors they can not control of and therefore they need to accept (educational system, school policies, political and economic conditions etc.) and finally factors they can control and hence they need to manage (emotions, beliefs, relationships etc.).
  • They realise the positive influence of asking for help and consultation during the process of problem solving and decision making.
  • They examine where they stand in relation to different decision making styles such as rational, avoidant and intuitive and also their importance in relation to career planning process.
  • They change  their limiting beliefs such as making mistakes is bad or I can’t succeed with the liberating ones.
  • They make a step towards being responsible and realizing his/her own influence instead of attributing the responsibility to others, faith or luck and making excuses.
  • They understand different brain systems and their influence on attitudes, thoughts, and behaviours.
  • They learn the required abilities/skills in order to managing life effectively.
  • Students think about their unique definitions of success, happiness, life, and career values.
  • They list the career areas, occupations, and university degrees in line with their interests provided in the TurQuest inventory.
  • They learn their aptitudes, areas to improve and which aptitudes are required in different occupations through Aptitude Inventory.
  • They realise their interest that they have not been aware of and match them with careers/occupations.
  • Through TurQuest, students learn that interest in a certain occupation is not sufficient for happiness, but they also need to be interested in the supporting areas. For instance, interest in fashion design may be 100% but lower interest in the supporting areas such as information technologies or retail/buying/selling can decrease the overall match to fashion design to 50%. Knowing this which planning the career is vital to prevent the disappointment in the long run and making the required preparations.
  • Students gain knowledge about the sectors, organisational structures (manager, expert, administrative staff etc.) and sectoral values.
  • They evaluate different options such as minor, major etc. From a multidisciplinary perspective and make short-medium-and long-term action plans.
  • They clarify the topics to research and get consultation from others.
  • They learn the occupations which intersect different career areas (For instance, biomedical engineering which combines medicine and engineering).
  • They instantly access the TurQuest report and matching career areas via the app.


Who Can Enrol?: Year 9-10-11-12 Students

Duration: 2 Days

Location: Online or CAPS Education Office, Varyap Grand Tower A Blok D:11 Batı Ataşehir, İstanbul

Inventories: As We Begin, Mental Preparation, Decision Making Styles, Who Is in Control, Mindsets,TurQuest Career and Occupation Selection Inventory, Aptitude Inventory

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