Not The Right But Suitable Choice For 80.000 hours!

Not the right choice for everybody, but the suitable;

For your students

Not enough quality time is spent on the career and occupation choice process, even though students will spend approximately 80,000 hours working in their chosen career throughout their lifetime. Poor choices result in switching degrees or dropping out of university, causing a waste of time, effort, and money. Recent Eurostat data indicate 148,500 students dropped out of university. 25,600 of those students stated that their programmes of study did not meet their needs or interests.

How Are CAPS Programmes Integrated to Your School Guidance Curriculum?

Preparation and

  • We meet with your managers and members of the Counselling Department to clarify your current applications, expectations, and needs.
  • We share possible alternative programmes in line with your needs.
  • We make weekly, monthly, and semester plans based on the programme of your choice.
  • We inform the relevant people regarding the application process.
  • We create an effective communication platform to ensure the process runs smoothly.

Training the Teachers/ Programmes for Teachers

  • We establish details such as location and duration of programme/training depending on the number of participants and the programme chosen.
  • We outline the concepts, constructs, and models that will be covered in the programme.
  • We prepare the educational materials to understand and apply the inventories and interpret the reports.
  • We provide classroom activities to demonstrate how concepts covered in the inventories can be picked apart in the class.
  • We clarify how teachers can work on the action plan with the student.

Implementing the

  • We request the student’s details from the contact person and upload them to the online system.
  • We email the links to the inventories with all the relevant information via the online system.
  • We clarify how (mobile phone, computer etc.), where (school or home), and when the inventories will be implemented.
  • We provide technical guidance via live online support during the implementation of the inventory.
  • We will send e-mail and SMS reminders for the students who have not completed the inventories before the deadline.
  • We send digital copies of the reports.

Programme Alternatives For Career Education And Guidance

Tailor-Made Programme

Each school’s career education and guidance services are unique. You may choose from the inventories below based on your need and tailor-made your own programme.

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