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Aims of the Workshop:

This workshop enables families who prefer to make their decisions as a team, are open to cooperation and communication to consider the career decision making process from a scientific perspective. Family members discuss their answers to the questions in an open and safe environment with the presence of a career counsellor. Families evaluate where the student stand in relation to preparation to career planning and future adaptability processes. Hence, a basis is formed to meet on a common ground based on the facts which is essential for realistic career planning. Transformation of abstract concepts to concrete strategies and behaviours is discussed.

Workshop Outcomes: 

  • They examine the internal and external factors by focusing on the small details in big picture.
  • They work on the internal factors such as instincts, needs, emotions, beliefs and values that unconsciously affect decisions.
  • They list the career areas, occupations, and university degrees in line with their interests provided in the TurQuest inventory.
  • Based on the suggestions in the report, students select their course or IB subjects if they have not already been selected.
  • They learn their aptitudes, areas to improve and which aptitudes are required in different occupations through Aptitude Inventory.
  • They realise their interest that they have not been aware of and match them with careers/occupations.
  • Through TurQuest, students learn that interest in a certain occupation is not sufficient for happiness, but they also need to be interested in the supporting areas. For instance, interest in fashion design may be 100% but lower interest in the supporting areas such as information technologies or retail/buying/selling can decrease the overall match to fashion design to 50%. Knowing this which planning the career is vital to prevent the disappointment in the long run and making the required preparations.
  • Students gain knowledge about the sectors, organisational structures (manager, expert, administrative staff etc.) and sectoral values.
  • They evaluate different options such as minor, major etc. From a multidisciplinary perspective and make short-medium-and long-term action plans.
  • They clarify the topics to research and get consultation from others.
  • They learn the occupations which intersect different career areas (For instance, biomedical engineering which combines medicine and engineering).
  • They instantly access the TurQuest report and matching career areas via the app until students are 24 years old.

Not: Participants receive CAPS Career and Occupation Choice participation document after completion of the workshop.

Who Can Enrol?: Year 10-11-12 students and their parents

Duration: One Day

Location: CAPS Education Office, Varyap Grand Tower A Blok D:11 Batı Ataşehir, İstanbul

Inventories: Mental Preparation, TurQuest Career and Occupation Selection Inventory, Aptitude Inventory

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