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We are all familiar with the unhappiness and regret bound up in expressions like ‘if I knew then what I do now, I wouldn’t have studied law’ or ‘I wouldn’t have been an engineer, I would’ve worked in the education sector’. Many of us frequently hear such phrases from people around us. Suitable career choices are not necessarily those which look perfect on paper. In reality, ‘perfect’ but unsuitable career decisions can cause a chain reaction of unhappiness in many other domains of life. Degree courses are changed, left uncompleted or unfulfilling careers are put up with, resulting in a waste of valuable resources such as time, effort and money. To plan and construct a career requires understanding internal dynamics we are unaware of, as well as understanding influential factors in and out of our control. It is a pivotal process in determining our sense of happiness, success and fulfillment and should thus be given ample care, consideration and time. Appropriately constructing a career to prevent the future waste of resources relies on nurturing awareness from a scientific, wholistic and systematic perspective...

Dear Students,

During your high school years, in addition to the pressure of academic success, forming your own identity and being accepted as an individual, you have the responsibility to carve your career path. I invite you to join CAPS workshops to reify and detangle abstract concepts (which could otherwise remain tangled for a lifetime) and learn to understand yourselves better. Learn that there is no “personality” to excavate, but rather, that your beliefs, values and decisions determine who you are, that your brains’ plasticity and cognitive ability does not end with your childhood but remains flexible throughout your life. During our work together, you will investigate how your instincts, emotions, needs, beliefs and values manifest themselves in your attitudes and behaviours. This increased awareness will not only allow you to think critically and objectively about your career decision, but will have a positive impact on your decision making ability in various aspects of life. It will encourage you to examine your internal attitude-emotion-thought-behaviour cycle.
You will spend approximately 80,000 hours in your chosen career path. The few hours you spend today will contribute to the likelihood that you will spend many happy, successful and fulfilling hours in the future. Don’t forget that your career is the best way of expressing yourself to the world.

Dear Parents, 

You undoubtedly invest a lot into the futures of your children. Do you want to work with them as a team and become effective career and life coaches? Can career choice be left to chance? Is it enough to make decisions based solely on university entrance exam results?
We created both online and in-person training programmes, workshops and one on one sessions that you can attend with your child, partner or alone. Together we can create an environment for your child to explore what happiness and success mean to them and understand that these definitions remain subjective and evolve throughout their lifetime. Let's support them through their emotional and mental turmoils so that they can understand themselves and live life by responding rather than reacting. Let's take concrete steps to nurture their personal development and strengthen their chances of making suitable career decisions.
Your child is unique; let’s guide them in creating themselves. 

Dear Teachers,

Would you like to support your students during the difficult and confusing career planning process by considering real life dynamics? Whilst nurturing your professional development in various areas, the training programmes we developed can enable you to guide your students in seeing the details within the big picture, relating neuroscientific evidence to their own lives, learning the skills and knowledge necessary for navigating their careers and becoming clearer in their own minds.
On top of this, with the Yildiz Teknik University-Continuing Education Center certified ‘Careers Education and Guidance in High Schools’ training programme, which was developed in light of the educational paradigm shift, you can learn the practical classroom activities that are based on recent research findings in education, psychology and counselling.
I would like to highlight that we are not here to promise a guarantee of absolute success, happiness and a perfect career for students. However, we guide them in taking responsibility to unlock their potential and collaborate with their parents and teachers in order to make suitable decisions for their future.
I wish that all your hard work and effort throughout the career decision process will come back as happiness and success on your own terms.

Here’s to a journey of lifelong learning with PSG-CAPS…

Warmest regards,

Püren Savaş Gedikoğlu

Meet the Team

Püren Savaş Gedikoğlu, BAEd MBA
Management and Educational Consultant

If I knew then, what I do now!
We developed CAPS Career Assessment and Planning System from a scientific, holistic and systematic perspective for adolescents and families who really know what they want and also interested in designing themselves.


Bilgesu Başkurt, MSc.
Psychological Counselor

“We understand the students and their families who try to answer the questions such as “Which occupation I should choose?”, “In which career areas I would be happy?”, “How my future should be?” with uncertainty and anxiety. We provide concrete strategies for effective career construction…



Our Philosophy at PSG Education and Career, founded in 1989, is as follows; we each have to use our potential by increasing our awareness and taking responsibility for our existence.

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise responsible, mindful, analytical, cooperative, and creative young people who have the ability to unlock their unique potential for their own benefit and that of others.

Our Vision

Our vision is to expand CAPS globally, in order to guide as many young people as possible towards their full potential.

Our Aims

  • To make a difference to how the careers process is approached by individuals and schools
  • To support the young people’s growth
  • To raise awareness in schools, teachers, parents, guardians, and young people regarding the career process

Our Values

  • Honesty and Sincerity
  • Responsibility
  • Courage
  • Love and Respect
  • Commitment
  • Creativity

The Skills We Prioritise

  • Mindfulness
  • Cooperation
  • Critical and Analytical Thinking
  • Resilience

The Concepts We Embody

  • The reflection of values in our behaviour
  • The practical application of decision making
  • The relationship between emotions, thoughts, attitudes, and behaviour
  • The differences and relationships between instincts, needs, beliefs, emotions, values, and skills


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