Aims of the Workshop: 

Parents make a step towards actively participating in their children’s career decision process. They learn how life skills such as critical thinking, decision making and problem solving can play an important role in family life more generally. As an informed career guide, they develop strategies to support their children in the best way possible. They work on creating a team spirit in their family by learning to communicate effectively.

Workshop Outcomes: 

  • They learn the differences between teenage and adult brains. 
  • They understand how they may be consciously or subconsciously influencing their child’s career choice. 
  • They examine the internal and external factors affecting the career decision. 
  • They initiate parent-child communication at home by asking the right questions and taking a scientific perspective on career planning.
  • They discuss the limits of their child’s freedom, responsibility, and respect.


  • Participants receive a How Can I Be an Efficient Career Guide For My Child? Workshop participation certificate upon completion of the workshop.

Who Can Enrol?: Parents

Duration: One Day

Application Deadline: You can apply until it is fully-booked

Location: CAPS Education Office, Varyap Grand Tower A Blok D:11 Batı Ataşehir, İstanbul

Please contact us for online application of the programme.


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