Please complete the preregistration form below before the training. Applications are evaluated in Turkey and then in UK. The application process will continue with the applicants who successfully complete the first stage. 

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Reasons for TurQuest and the Cambridge Profile:

The TurQuest Career and Professional Choice Inventory assesses interests with a 300 item questionnaire. Questions are culture-free. The questionnaires, originally developed in the UK and implemented for 33 years, have been adapted for the Turkish education system

The Cambridge Profile Aptitude Inventory provides an indication of the areas (verbal, abstract, spatial and mathematical reasoning) in which the student performs quickly and accurately.

Target Group and Application: Young adults from 14 to 18 years old who are in the process of deciding their careers. 

What is Assessed?: Interests and aptitudes.

Number of Questions: TurQuest and Cambridge Profile include 300 and 280 questions, respectively. 

How Long Does it Take to Complete the Inventories?: It takes approximately 60 minutes to complete TurQuest and 70 minutes to complete the Cambridge Profile. 

How Long Does it Take to Produce the Report?: The 30-40 page long English pdf report is produced in maximum 14 days. 

 What Kind of Information Does the Report Include? 

  • Degree of Interest in career areas
  • Overall match to career areas
  • Areas for improvement
  • Cautionary notes 
  • Success Criteria for Career Areas 
  • Aptitudes results in relation to Career Areas 
  • Self-checklist 

What Does the Action Plan Given with the Report Include?

The workbook includes activities, an action plan and concrete strategies for suitable career planning. By evaluating the TurQuest and Cambridge Profile results, taking into account the opinions of close others, this material is aimed to develop self-understanding. 

Aim of the Programme: To learn how to  implement, interpret and evaluate TurQuest and Cambridge Profile.

Personal and Professional Outcomes: 

  • As the need for career education and guidance grows, you stand out among graduates in the field by gaining unique knowledge and skills. 
  • You support your own professional development while constructing your career. 
  • You are able to guide your clients/students in taking concrete steps with support from the TurQuest report and the workbook.
  • You receive PSG-CAPS Team’s active support before and after the programme. 

Client and Student Outcomes: 

  • They learn about suitable degrees, professions and career areas in line with their interests through a 30-40 page TurQuest report.
  • They will become aware of the requirements of their career areas and occupations of interest.
  • They will fabricate their own definitions of success and happiness.
  • They will examine the main factors for career satisfaction.
  • They will focus on the critical constructs in career decision making and
  • consider their adaptability to the future and preparation of career planning.
  • With your support, they plan their careers by taking into account concrete facts/data.
  • They will gain a multidisciplinary perspective to career planning (e.g.; biomedical career area which is a combination of medicine and engineering)
  • They reduce anxiety by becoming clearer about their future.

Püren Savaş Gedikoğlu, BAEd MBA Management and Educational Consultant
Dr. Özgür Çelenk Psychologist
Bilgesu Başkurt, Msc. Psychological Counselor
Esra Yılmaz Psychological and Family Counselor

Contact details:

For Information: Dr. Özgür Çelenk PSG Education and Career