Aims of the Workshop: 

This workshop is for students who have not yet chosen their subject or not carefully thought about their future. It teaches them to have a constructive perspective and attitude to career planning and their future. The aim of the workshop is to develop skills such as asking the right, curiosity-sparking questions, researching to discover the objective reality, planning for the short, medium and long term, and nurturing self-confidence by taking responsibility. It promotes awareness in order to avoid possible career planning problems such as loss of time, indecisiveness, unconcern, and lack of realistic ideas. By promoting an understanding of themselves and their brains, students in the early stages of career planning learn to distinguish between informed decisions and those based on internalised social norms and limiting beliefs. They come to realise the importance of owning the career construction process by considering it a vital, ongoing learning experience. 

Workshop Outcomes:

  • They realise the importance of making a career decision and begin to focus on it.
  • They evaluate how realistic their responses are to the preparation for career planning questions and evaluate where they currently stand in relation to career planning.
  • They realise the great positive power of asking for help and consulting during problem solving and decision making. 
  • They begin to transform their fear of mistakes and their limiting beliefs such as ‘making mistakes is bad’ or ‘I can’t succeed’ by taking responsibility for mistakes and seeing them as opportunities for growth.
  • They make a step towards taking responsibility by understanding his/her great influence in life, rather than making excuses by attributing responsibility to others, fate or luck. 
  • They learn how the teenage brain functions and how it is structured.
  • They consider the internal and external factors affecting the career decision.
  • They identify the possible problems they may encounter during the career planning process.


  • Participants receive Preparation to Career Planning Workshop participation document after completion of the workshop.
  • Parents can organise Follow-up Sessions and Additional Services to discuss important areas highlighted in the report.

Who Can Enrol?: Prep, Year 9-10-11 Students

Duration: One Day

Application Deadline: You can apply until it is fully-booked

Location: CAPS Education Office, Varyap Grand Tower A Blok D:11 Batı Ataşehir, İstanbul

Inventories: Mental Preparation, Mindsets

Please contact us for online application of the programme, fees and dates.


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