Aims of the Workshop: 

This workshop aims at understanding anxiety, its causes and its management. Students make a step towards developing resilience, a skill not only crucial in career planning but in all domains of life.

Workshop Outcomes: 

  • They evaluate their ideal, actual and ought selves by examining their own expectations of themselves and others’ expectations of them during the career decision process. 
  • They distinguish between realistic and unrealistic expectations. 
  • They define anxiety as an emotional state. They understand the physiological mechanisms behind anxiety. 
  • They identify the negative automatic thoughts (e.g. I am not smart enough, I cannot succeed, they are better than me) responsible for triggering anxiety. 
  • They consider the role of personal effort, skill development and taking responsibility in managing anxiety. 
  • They learn the concept of resilience as a core skill in effectively managing life. 
  • They understand the complex relationships between internal factors (e.g. instincts, needs, emotions, beliefs and values) that unconsciously affect decisions and anxiety.


  • Participants receive an Anxiety Management and Resilience During Career Decision Making Workshop participation certificate upon completion of the workshop.
  • Parents can organise Follow-up Sessions and Additional Services
  • to discuss important areas highlighted in the report.


Who Can Enrol?: Prep, Year 9-10-11-12 Students  

Duration: One Day

Application Deadline: You can apply until it is fully-booked

Location: CAPS Education Office, Varyap Grand Tower A Blok D:11 Batı Ataşehir, İstanbul

Inventories: Mindsets, Who Is In Control

Please contact us for online application of the programme, fees and dates.



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