Aims of the Seminar: 

Questions such as “Am I aware of my influence on my child’s decisions? How do I support my child’s development? How can I develop democratic attitudes?” are answered in this workshop. Parents identify their role in their child’s career decision making process by examining the impact of what they express as well as the effect of parental attitudes on their children. They make steps in nurturing a liberating outlook on mistakes for both themselves and their child, aligning to a growth mindset.

Seminar Outcomes: 

  • The underlying causes of parental expectations are examined. 
  • The differences between realistic and unrealistic expectations are understood.
  • The possible problems arising from parental attitudes (democratic, authoritarian etc.), as well as its relationship with career decision making are examined.
  • As role models, parental influence both generally in their child’s life and specifically during the career decision making process is examined.

Who Can Enrol?: Parents

Duration: Half Day

Application Deadline: You can apply until it is fully-booked

Location: Online 

Please contact us for online dates of the programme.



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