Why CAPS for Your School?
You teach your students how to transfer the uncertainty based anxiety to life satisfaction by concrete strategies.
You support your students to move from academic success to life success.
From a career counselling perspective, you prepare your students to future by focusing on up-to-date skills that world of work require.
You reduce the workload of the counselling department by online system and effective materials.
You improve the professional development of your teachers.

You have the scientific assessment and evaluation tools by making improvements, not changing your entire curriculum.

A Scientific, Holistic, and Systematic Approach to Career Assessment and Planning Process…

The zeitgeist Paradigm shift is influencing education worldwide. Collective norms are transforming into individualised norms. This change, which centers the focus on an individual’s needs, beliefs, emotions, values and skills, emphasises uniqueness. The same shift is also valid in learning and teaching. Learning aims at deepening knowledge and making a difference by understanding and making sense of information. The strength of the CAPS system is that it translates this paradigm shift to practical trainings, workshops, materials and inventories for schools, teachers, students, and parents. The main aspects of the traditional to scientific paradigm shift are listed below.  

Traditional/Conventional Approach   Scientific Approach
Brain and personality are fixed. They are innate. 

Brain and personality are plastic (neuroplasticity) They are developed and shaped by education.
Success depends on intelligence and abilities. Not being smart/intelligent is the main reason for making mistakes. 

Success depends on effort and skills. Mistakes are learning opportunities.Developing new skills is of first priority. 
The control of life is other than the student. The system, school and families are the main factors (external locus of control)

Student takes responsibility of his/her own life by developing skills (internal locus of control)
The aim is finding the right answer. 

The aim is developing the skills of curiosity, questioning, and critical thinking. 
Information is based on data. Memorising and remembering are the main focus. 

Knowledge is understood, synthesised and made sense of in depth. 
“Self-knowledge” is primary.

“Understanding the human and designing the self” is primary. 

Not The Right But Suitable Choice for 80.000 Hours!

Not The Right Choice for Everybody but The Suitable;
for your students

Not enough quality time is spent on the career and occupation choice process, even though students will spend approximately 80,000 hours working in their chosen career throughout their lifetime. Poor choices result in switching degrees or dropping out of university, causing a waste of time, effort, and money. Recent Eurostat data indicate 148,500 students dropped out of university. 25,600 of those students stated that their programmes of study did not meet their needs or interests.

Note: TurQuest and Aptitude Inventories are being implemented in leading colleges in the UK for more than 33 years. The questions are culture-free.


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